The FMN Crew goes to Mykonos to see an ancient Greek island with breath taking views.

    Stranger Danger, No More – Check out this Device

    One in four women are said to be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. And that is not okay. But what if you could stop...

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    What if shopping for food was as simple as grabbing what you wanted, and then walking out- no need to make a lengthy queue?...

    27 Adventures Before Settling Down

    Life has so much to offer and so many moments that are worth remembering. The world is a massive place with endless opportunities and...



      Exercises for Your Brain!

      Do you play an instrument or work out? Or better yet, do you play video games? What if I told you that studies have...

      Sushi from the Future!

      Yo! Sushi in New York City offers a futuristic new way to eat sushi! The restaurant puts the sushi in small modules and then...

      Is This Pile of Cash Considered Art?

      The things that are considered “art” get increasingly more controversial as time passes. This Los Angeles based artist made art using dollars- a million...

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      Both a model and an artist, Dani Karlsson uses paint to create a spiritual dimensionality in her artwork. Vibrant colors and fairy-like shapes allow her to convey a sense of etherealism. Take a look at this Los Angeles based artist.

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      Meet famed Indian- American fashion designer, Naeem Khan, behind the scenes of his gallery as he operates and prepares for his 2017 fashion show.